Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Finding bread in a grocery store" OR

Looting to all the non-liberal elites. Take a look at this photo: Liberal Truth

OK, let's state a few facts here:
(1) This is not the first time that "looting" has occurred in a major U.S. city in modern times. It has happened time and time again, and it's perpetuated by the same groups of people each time it happens.
(2) Such looting is not an accident; and it is often pre-meditated or threatened ahead of time. Remember the promises of looting over a guilty OJ verdict?
(3) This same "looting" happened with the Watts riots in California in the 1960's. It happened after the Oakland Earthquake, and after the Rodney King beating. I still remember the photos of the truck driver being ripped out of his truck and beaten to death. It happened during the power black-outs in the Mid-West. And it is happening again in New Orleans.
(4) Thus far, the New Orleans looting is not about hunger. The storm was less than 24-hours old and it was already widespread. Besides, you don't need to loot a "Best Buy" or sporting goods store to feed your family. This looting is about selfishness and greed -- justified by a political ideology that excuses criminal actions with the rhetoric of class warfare. I argue that this looting is a learned behavior, taught and practiced in many cities in our Nation.

Looting has become a new entitlement for our urban poor, just listen to the libs justify it. Now the trigger for the looting may vary. This week it's a flood; last year it was a power outage; and maybe next year it will be because of particular court room verdict or election result. But these triggers are never the actual reason for the looting.

The "reason" provided for the looting always lies within the various justifications. Justifications like: "the wealthy deserved it"; "this is in return for racism"; or "we are oppressed".
This begs the question, from whom did our urban poor learn this mentality?

Well, let's see. When the looters try to rationalize their illegal actions with the socio-political terminology of Leftist propagandists, you are seeing the direct fruits of Left wing ideology.
And when then you see the Democratic Underground (save a few sane voices) defending their actions, that is also a clear connection as well.

The poor are kept as a permanent victim class by "The Great Society" programs put into place by LBJ and the continuing dialogue of the elitists heading the Democratic party. Our poor are kept in environments of permanent despair and decay, and their anger is nurtured like a cash crop by the American Left. Any attempt to break the cycle, whether through school choice, welfare reform or enforcement of drug laws is met with shrieking disapproval from the Left. They don't want the status quo to ever change any more than they want the terrorists locked up in Gitmo. Poverty and misery are their best sellers.

It is precisely the counter-cultural rhetoric of the Left that has put the notions of "oppressors", "hierarchical structures" and "revolution" in the minds and mouths of these looters. Having nurtured the conditions, they now see to reap the harvest. Revolution is now defined as the violent transfer of property and power from the working class to the non-working class.

When you see this justified/rationalized brand of "looting" at every possible opportunity, what you are really seeing is a form of trained behavior and a muted form of "practice" revolution.
And you can thank the "visionaries" of the Left for that.

Update: Here's a Reuter's article describing the Class Divisions and excusing the looting due to the oppressed status of the thieves (their poverty is now THE "crime" while the looting is understandable) in case any doubted. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sorry for being away...

got swamped with work and Anniversary, so have been out of touch. Got a few things to finish up then will be back on track next week.

Thanks and God bless.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Collateral Damage and RU-486

Bill from IDC launches into some more kind of tirade against Michelle Malkin for her posting about the deaths of at least 4 women from the use of the abortion inducing drug RU-486. He, somewhat shrilly, indicts her for "shoehorning science and medicine in order to fit an ideological agenda, misrepresenting risk and utilizing hyperbole". How hypocritical.

He "demonstrates", based on numbers supplied by the company who produces the product (wonder if he gets his "tobacco is safe" info from RJ Reynolds) the supposed complications rate per application. He then compares this favorably to the higher death rates for an anti-depressant (which is taken daily for a whole year.) Lets see, one treatment, versus 365 treatments. OK, that works for libs. There are nearly as many women dying from this drug as were dying from the much ballyhooed "back-street abortions" before Roe v. Wade. So we're still killing women who want abortions, but the libs want to defend this with their lives, they're only satisfied as long as babies and women are killed the way they want. The goal is more abortion, women dying are just collateral damage.

Bill then goes on to compare the mortality rate versus that of giving birth. Again, a poor use of statistics. Several problems with this - first of all, almost 100% of the incidents of women with childbirth are reported. I would easily imagine, that many/most abortion clinics don't report complications from either an abortion or the use of the RU-486. They've not been the best source for this type of info in the past, it's doubtful they would have suddenly seen the light and decided disclosure and transparency were to their advantage. No, what they do is best done in the dark.

Secondly, comparing the health of a mother at 8 or 10 weeks of pregnancy, versus that of the mortality of taking the drug at this time is no contest. The mothers are much better off (not to mention the babies they are carrying.) Third, RU-486 doesn't affect the mortality rates of childbirth. It is generally the richer, healthier women that buy the drug, those that can afford good health care anyway. Their mortality rate is virtually nil due to their ability to have good medical care before and during delivery. It is the sick, poor, druggie, rural folks who still will experience the highest mortality rates and who will not be "given" RU-486.

The whole comparison is bogus to begin with.

In addition, RU-486 is not prescribed for an illness or is it medically necessary for the health of the patient(s). It in fact, has over a 50% fatality rate - which obviously is its goal. There simply is no medical, ethical or philosophical need for this drug. What Bill and other libs miss completely is that the women's deaths are unnecessary.

It is, for the conservatives, still an issue of life and protecting it, an issue of protecting both lives.

Update: Just came across this great medical discussion of the effects of RU-486 and a possible rationale for the deaths by infection. Good Read - Hyscience

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Religion of the Leftist Elite...

In a largely overlooked editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Former Energy Secretary James Schlesinger succulently elaborates on the primary fallacy behind the cult of Global Warming. Besides the obvious but little noted fact in the MSM that GW has developed a cult following, is the bigger fact that GW is not a fact. At least not the GW that the Libs are always harping on - that GW is primarily a result of human actions and can be corrected by human actions.

Secretary Schlesinger points out 3 critical aspects in his commentary. First, that the science behind it is often not science and this particular claim is certainly not accepted by all scientists familiar with the subject. He points out there are scientists who don't bend the knee before this god and surrender their scientific objectivity for the sake of political correctness (where can one read about these guys??) Secondly he shows the Kyoto treaty will do nothing to improve the situation, that even the Europeans can't keep the agreement they so chastised the US for not signing, and thirdly (and fundamentally) that "science is not a matter of consensus, as the histories of Galileo, Copernicus, Pasteur, Einstein and others will attest". The mainstream of science has been wrong more often than the French have surrendered (hat tip to Piltdown Man among others.)

It is an outstanding article and worthy of a few minutes consideration.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I have seen it all. And I thought (stupid me) that the elitist tinsel town Dims couldn't do anything else that would surprise me.

I was wrong, so very, very wrong. This is priceless. Where's MasterCard's Marketing Department when you need it?


Fabulous, simply fabulous. Can we dream - this may be the first time in history where the Dims have two women running for the Presidency.... While we're dreaming, can you imagine the genius who wrote this running for the nation's highest office?

"If you want to learn how to build a house, build a house. Don't ask anybody, just build a house." C. Walken.

Feel free to write me and tell me this is a joke. I'm not kidding.

Libs are renewing their zeal...

by following in their grandest tradition, that of hoping for America's defeat by her enemies. In the 60's it was Vietnam that inspired Hanoi Jane (now Jihad Jane) and her cronies. We all heard of the glories of the communist way, it's enlightened management of human potential and how the US shouldn't interfere in resisting the people's will. The lib's, aided by the MSM, constant sniping at America's effort to provide for a democratic process (isn't it amazing that libs can redefine the "people's will" as desirous of a murderous totalitarian dictatorship while free and open elections are "evil", but I digress) ultimately undermined America's support for the troops and the will to fight for freedom (forget Pay any price, Bear any burden", it's "Take it to the UN and the court of world opinion!")

Well 30 years later, we've got an equally erudite group and they are still true to their principles refined during the Vietnam war - never missing an opportunity to distort what has happened in Iraq or gloat over the death of American soldiers. Take the N.Y. Times Frank Rich's latest column Someone tell Frank Rich he's an idiot where he barely can contain his enthusiasm in painting a picture of American defeat. Again, notice how the libs redefine the meaning of words. Saddamn has been removed, his sons killed, free elections have been held, by a massive turnout, a Constitution is just days away from being approved, the incidence of IED's has declined greatly, power/schools/services have been restored beyond what was possible under Hussein, and the US and it's allies are targeted for major withdrawals next year - far surpassing the 9 year occupations of Germany and Japan, but this is "DEFEAT."

How lucky are we this party didn't exist in WWII. We'd all be goose-stepping and saying "Sieg Heil" (of course, next time the Germans invade France, I vote we let them keep it.) To read Rich's article, one would think we did nothing of value in Iraq, save for constant missteps and mindless acts of futility. Then you realize, hey, this is the NY Times! Who can trust it? Just peruse Rich's article for numerous statements of well, non-fact (he must be trying to be the NYT's next Pulitzer Prize winner.)

Rich, for example, takes one obscure article about recruiting for the Army, (he doesn't give a cite) and then boldly proclaims that "Bush... has lost the Army." Be it far from a NYT editor to seek out the truth, but with all the online blogs from military personnel and the troops in Iraq - one could modestly hold some hope for that penetrating research the old gray lady is known for. The facts are, that Bush and the war in Iraq is supported by the vast majority of the troops involved. They actually get to meet with the Iraqi citizens and see their efforts and appreciation for the Coalition's help. In addition, the Air Force, Navy and Marines have all met their recruiting goals. Interesting, the one that bears the heaviest casualties (Marines) is still meeting it's recruiting goals. Do you think there's a snowball's chance of reading that on the front page of the Times??

This is only one distortion/lie in the article. There are too many (start off with Rich's regarding Wilson's Report on the Niger Yellowcake story as authoritative when it's poor construction/ research/ methodology was what started the whole Palme affair) to detail, but Rich is most impressive in his track record for error. The distortions are simply too many, and Rich is not alone in this talent among liberal commentators. The libs as a group, particularly their leadership, continues to "blame America first" while chanting the mantra of her enemy. First it was Ho Chi Minh, now the Dims are Bin Laden's greatest asset and ally. And yes, if you are wondering, I am questioning their allegiance.

It is impossible to claim support for someone, while doing everything you can to undermine their efforts. That is, unless your a liberal. This is America's Democratic Party, with a jackass as their mascot (how appropriate,) and the white flag of surrender as their banner (the French forgot to copyright it). Everyone knows, America's stated enemies hate President Bush and the American troops with a passion. Isn't it interesting that is also the Democrat's primary position/emotion and basis for their every action? If it walks like a duck......

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Great Great Raid...

In yet another example of the great disconnect between the liberal media and mainstream America, the reviews of Miramax's latest release The Great Raid have been less than stellar. Well, to hell with them. I'm telling you, go sell all you have and buy a ticket to watch it. Most of the criticism reflects around the whiney "lack of character development" which means, none of the characters are running around buck nakked yelling the f-word.

This is not a story of "characters" but of unusual courage, audacity and fidelity. It is the story of warriors, not of individual nuances or of those seeking their own glory. And that makes it absolutely glorious. This the story of honorable men, who conducted themselves in the best tradition of the United States military. And that makes it anathema to the libs.

I hope this does as "poorly" as Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ. Something about the critics dislike of the character development in that one rings a bell....

Update: A special thanks to Powerline for the kind mention. I'm feelin' all cocky now that I've made Powerline. I prolly won't blog with the same humilty and political sensitivity in the future. :-)

Sincerely a warm welcome to all the Powerline readers. Thanks for coming.

The hits just keep coming...

First, sorry for the delay posting. Been making some changes to the blog and work has me swamped. Now on to the hits.

A quick question for all = how many times will the MSM continue to repeat the lie that there was no WMD in Iraq? I wish one of them would have the decency to inform the Marines who just discovered a ChemWep plant in Mosul - Saddamn's hometown and the place where he sons assumed room temperature. The Marines found over 1500 gallons of chemicals necessary for the manufacture of chemical WMD. The exact nature hasn't been released yet or who had the expertise to build the plant and handle the chemicals. In it's usual outstanding work, Counterterrorism Blog also gave pertinent testimony by Charles Duelfer (leader of Iraq Survey Group) before Congress in March of 2004. The pertinent quote: " Iraq did have facilities suitable for the production of biological and chemical agents needed for weapons. It had plans to improve and expand and even build new facilities." With the MSM obsessed over ignoring the facts, there is little doubt this discovery will get the attention it deserves in the MSM. But who really believes they are trying to present the factual news anyway?

Next, you can't love libs without loving their gift for redefining the accepted meanings of words in the English language. Here's a great example regarding NARAL's most recent distortion of the historical record. This time their target wasn't the assassination of defenseless babies, it was the character and good name of Judge Roberts. In Michelle Malkin's blog (via the Post) she lists a quote which struck me as another occasion to love libs for their entertainment value. Here is Kerry advisor Jim Jordan talking about NARAL's SNAFU: "The problem is our politically impractical insistence on always residing on the moral high ground" There you have it. Intentionally lying about a man's actions to discredit him and ruin his opportunity for advancement is now "the moral high ground."

There is just nothing else I can add to that.

Update: has photos and details an AP distortion. Shock.