Saturday, August 13, 2005

The hits just keep coming...

First, sorry for the delay posting. Been making some changes to the blog and work has me swamped. Now on to the hits.

A quick question for all = how many times will the MSM continue to repeat the lie that there was no WMD in Iraq? I wish one of them would have the decency to inform the Marines who just discovered a ChemWep plant in Mosul - Saddamn's hometown and the place where he sons assumed room temperature. The Marines found over 1500 gallons of chemicals necessary for the manufacture of chemical WMD. The exact nature hasn't been released yet or who had the expertise to build the plant and handle the chemicals. In it's usual outstanding work, Counterterrorism Blog also gave pertinent testimony by Charles Duelfer (leader of Iraq Survey Group) before Congress in March of 2004. The pertinent quote: " Iraq did have facilities suitable for the production of biological and chemical agents needed for weapons. It had plans to improve and expand and even build new facilities." With the MSM obsessed over ignoring the facts, there is little doubt this discovery will get the attention it deserves in the MSM. But who really believes they are trying to present the factual news anyway?

Next, you can't love libs without loving their gift for redefining the accepted meanings of words in the English language. Here's a great example regarding NARAL's most recent distortion of the historical record. This time their target wasn't the assassination of defenseless babies, it was the character and good name of Judge Roberts. In Michelle Malkin's blog (via the Post) she lists a quote which struck me as another occasion to love libs for their entertainment value. Here is Kerry advisor Jim Jordan talking about NARAL's SNAFU: "The problem is our politically impractical insistence on always residing on the moral high ground" There you have it. Intentionally lying about a man's actions to discredit him and ruin his opportunity for advancement is now "the moral high ground."

There is just nothing else I can add to that.

Update: has photos and details an AP distortion. Shock.