Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Religion of the Leftist Elite...

In a largely overlooked editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Former Energy Secretary James Schlesinger succulently elaborates on the primary fallacy behind the cult of Global Warming. Besides the obvious but little noted fact in the MSM that GW has developed a cult following, is the bigger fact that GW is not a fact. At least not the GW that the Libs are always harping on - that GW is primarily a result of human actions and can be corrected by human actions.

Secretary Schlesinger points out 3 critical aspects in his commentary. First, that the science behind it is often not science and this particular claim is certainly not accepted by all scientists familiar with the subject. He points out there are scientists who don't bend the knee before this god and surrender their scientific objectivity for the sake of political correctness (where can one read about these guys??) Secondly he shows the Kyoto treaty will do nothing to improve the situation, that even the Europeans can't keep the agreement they so chastised the US for not signing, and thirdly (and fundamentally) that "science is not a matter of consensus, as the histories of Galileo, Copernicus, Pasteur, Einstein and others will attest". The mainstream of science has been wrong more often than the French have surrendered (hat tip to Piltdown Man among others.)

It is an outstanding article and worthy of a few minutes consideration.