Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Strata on the NIE release...

Here are a few of the many interesting points:

This first section is a overview of where we are. Cleary the IC sees terrorism as having been dealt serious blows to its organization, leadership and operations. Translation: we have been very successful. But the consensus is, while we have severely hit the movement, it is not giving up yet. Instead it is adapting - which should put our news media on notice since they have helped the terrorists adapt by leaking classified material regularly on all aspects of our efforts, including on going investigations. It is telling that that gem of information has never shown up in the compliant news media


The terrorists’ adaptation is to spread out support away from our targetted enemies. In essence it is a strategy to retreat and regroup. And though this is happening, the other great news in this is the Jihadist movement remains a small fraction of the Muslim population. Which means the Arab street backlash everyone predicted, and still claim is happening, is not happening.


Iraq is seen as the central battle in the Jihadist War on The West. Lose Iraq and the enemy’s ranks will swell with enthusiasm and confidence. Win in Iraq and it will likely cripple the movement for good. This is from the IC folks and completely contradicts the cut-and-run plans of the Democrats. These sentences are never produced in tandem like they are in the report and have been here. This is one conclusion being presented here. Iraq is everything for our future.


The media has clearly misread or misrepresented these findings. You cannot separate the dispersion of Jihadists from the fact they dispersion was caused by our highly successful attacks on them. The dispersion is not as much adding strength as a tactic of retreat and regrouping. These conclusions cannot have their elements taken out of the context intended by the IC itself. Of course dispersion could imply a growing threat if one doesn’t have the information in the leading paragraph that set the stage for the dispersion.

You won't read that in the MSM or hear it from the Dims in Congress. Read it here.