Sunday, October 01, 2006

DDT is once again doing what it does best....

saving lives.....

According to Kim Du Toit, DDT is coming back compliments of the WHO, and he offers up
some unique commentary:

Too bad it’s about 29 years too late for about 50 million people who have died unnecessarily because of the stupid Green ban on DDT.

Of course, the dead people are only Africans—had these deaths been in, say, Los Angeles, the WHO, United Nations and the U.S. Department of Health would now be involved in trillion-dollar lawsuits.

I think I’m going to go out and punch a hippie. And then I’m going to spit on Rachel Carson’s grave.

I had to trudge thru Carson's drivel when I was younger, and knowing now, what I knew then, it is a terribly bitter irony that this "mother" of the evironmental religion and its bible, Silent Spring, has been responsible for the death of more Third World residents than every war and plague since its publication in 1962. Now at least the long ignored Africans, unable to muster any resistance, now have a fighting chance to stop the spread of polio, maliara and other insect borne plagues which have caused the death of millions upon millions.

But that's important only if you believe that humans have a higher place on our priority list than mosquitos.

Don't tell PETA.