Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Finding bread in a grocery store" OR

Looting to all the non-liberal elites. Take a look at this photo: Liberal Truth

OK, let's state a few facts here:
(1) This is not the first time that "looting" has occurred in a major U.S. city in modern times. It has happened time and time again, and it's perpetuated by the same groups of people each time it happens.
(2) Such looting is not an accident; and it is often pre-meditated or threatened ahead of time. Remember the promises of looting over a guilty OJ verdict?
(3) This same "looting" happened with the Watts riots in California in the 1960's. It happened after the Oakland Earthquake, and after the Rodney King beating. I still remember the photos of the truck driver being ripped out of his truck and beaten to death. It happened during the power black-outs in the Mid-West. And it is happening again in New Orleans.
(4) Thus far, the New Orleans looting is not about hunger. The storm was less than 24-hours old and it was already widespread. Besides, you don't need to loot a "Best Buy" or sporting goods store to feed your family. This looting is about selfishness and greed -- justified by a political ideology that excuses criminal actions with the rhetoric of class warfare. I argue that this looting is a learned behavior, taught and practiced in many cities in our Nation.

Looting has become a new entitlement for our urban poor, just listen to the libs justify it. Now the trigger for the looting may vary. This week it's a flood; last year it was a power outage; and maybe next year it will be because of particular court room verdict or election result. But these triggers are never the actual reason for the looting.

The "reason" provided for the looting always lies within the various justifications. Justifications like: "the wealthy deserved it"; "this is in return for racism"; or "we are oppressed".
This begs the question, from whom did our urban poor learn this mentality?

Well, let's see. When the looters try to rationalize their illegal actions with the socio-political terminology of Leftist propagandists, you are seeing the direct fruits of Left wing ideology.
And when then you see the Democratic Underground (save a few sane voices) defending their actions, that is also a clear connection as well.

The poor are kept as a permanent victim class by "The Great Society" programs put into place by LBJ and the continuing dialogue of the elitists heading the Democratic party. Our poor are kept in environments of permanent despair and decay, and their anger is nurtured like a cash crop by the American Left. Any attempt to break the cycle, whether through school choice, welfare reform or enforcement of drug laws is met with shrieking disapproval from the Left. They don't want the status quo to ever change any more than they want the terrorists locked up in Gitmo. Poverty and misery are their best sellers.

It is precisely the counter-cultural rhetoric of the Left that has put the notions of "oppressors", "hierarchical structures" and "revolution" in the minds and mouths of these looters. Having nurtured the conditions, they now see to reap the harvest. Revolution is now defined as the violent transfer of property and power from the working class to the non-working class.

When you see this justified/rationalized brand of "looting" at every possible opportunity, what you are really seeing is a form of trained behavior and a muted form of "practice" revolution.
And you can thank the "visionaries" of the Left for that.

Update: Here's a Reuter's article describing the Class Divisions and excusing the looting due to the oppressed status of the thieves (their poverty is now THE "crime" while the looting is understandable) in case any doubted. Stay tuned for more.