Friday, January 13, 2006

Al Quaeda wishes to thank the NY Times...

as well as Senator Reid and the rest of the liberal dims, who continue to leak confidential information concerning its intelligence gathering methods and who work tirelessly to gut the Patriot Act. This legislation is dreadful due to it simply gives the government the same power to track terrorists as it does drug dealers and allows inter-agency cooperation. How unconstitutional is that?

With the NY Times detailing how we track domestic individuals who are talking with known AQ individuals, is it not logical for the terrorists to adopt their tactics to avoid detection? Apparently there has suddenly been an increase in the demand for disposable cell phones. ABC News is reporting large purchases of disposable cell phones by individuals of Middle Eastern or Arabic descent. These phones, paid for by cash, are impossible to track and also are the phone of choice for Iraqi and Hamas IED's (remotely detonated bombs.) Individuals are coming in buying 60 or 160 phones at once.

I'm sure the NY Times will simply ignore this, refusing modestly to take credit where credit is due and the Dims will simply condemn those reporting it by saying it is grossly wrong to profile individuals and ascribe evil motives to innocent business transactions. I can think of a lot of reasons why Arabic individuals would want to buy 160 disposable cell phones at once, can't you?