Thursday, January 05, 2006


I hope you are sitting down, maybe had some of your favorite 41 year old scotch (doesn't matter what time of day...) Are you ready for this?

The AP (not a missprint, the Associated Press) actually interviewed and QUOTED some troops on the ground in Iraq, as to their opinions on the war and early withdrawal. The resounding sound in AP's ears?? "Finish the job we came here to do" and yes, the AP actually reported it. This article doesn't slam the troops or President Bush for speaking the obvious truth. Surely this slipped by the AP editors or something. Or maybe, maybe they're just tired of continually declining readership and decided it would be best to get back to reporting the news, rather than trying to shape it in a Bash America First Fest. We can only hope.

A good read and credit to the character of our troops, who actually understand what is going on in Iraq and what is at stake. Great read and good work by the AP (can't believe I said that.) Click on the link.

AP Finally Reports