Monday, December 05, 2005

Saddam and Dean, Dean and Saddam...

Two great visionaries and emissaries for the ideals and principles of the modern Democratic Party.

First you've got Saddam at his trial angrily declaring he's not afraid to die. And like most of the previous blustery rhetoric of the Dim party, we have every confidence that it's true and sincerely spoken. After all, that's why he was cowering in a spider hole for months when he was dragged out by the scruff of his neck... he was just looking for a few good Marines down there so he could kick their arse in Bush's unwinnable war... Which brings up the second great leader of the dims....

Howard Dean, he of the psychotic scream which even today, resonates in the hollow recesses of the liberal as their rallying cry (the French have already trademarked the term "surrender"). Deano has now declared the Iraq war to be "unwinnable."

NEWS FLASH -- the war is over - we actually, contrary to CNN reports, steamrolled Saddam's forces in a few weeks! What's left now is prolly about 10,000 Al Qaida/ Baathists/ Islamofascists versus about 26 million Iraqis. Not that actual experience counts for much, but if I remember, after Germany was defeated in WWII, there were still pockets of resistance, but the war was over. How long did it take for the last Japanese soldier to surrender - 1974? Was the war not over by then? Same in Iraq - we've won, we just got to finish the job to insure it sticks. We stayed in Germany and Japan for about 9 or 10 years, we'll be done in Iraq in half that time due to an outstanding job by our military.

There will always be those in this country that support the enemies of this nation, in some manner or form. The amazing thing is that such a portion of the American populace do not find it alarming that the leadership echoes the same refrains as Hussein and Bin laden, that they share the same practical goals such as emasculation of this President, the military and the war on terror.

Those who celebrate our enemies are cheered while they jeer those who fight for our freedom.

And that's not a problem??