Monday, November 28, 2005

Hurricane Relief, Liberal boondoggle.

Recently, Steven Landsburg wrote an article for "Everyday Economics" in Slate Magazine. He noted that the Federal Government will spend approximately $200 billion on New Orleans disaster relief. Those affected total about 1 million people. Hmmm... Think about it. That's $200,000 per person. Let's see, for a family of four, that's $800,000.

What would you rather have?? Nearly a million dollars for your family to "start new" somewhere else (or rebuild in New Orleans) or a crappy mobile home for a couple of years and some cans of beans and bottled water?

Can anyone really argue that those affected by Katrina wouldn't be a lot better off if given the money to spend at their own discretion? If the residents want the levees rebuilt, they could then pool their own resources and still have more money left over to rebuild their lives. For those poor who had no homeowners insurance, it would give them the opportunity to own a nice home and go to school, start a company.... anything that would offer then a chance to better themselves, as compared to their existence in government/low rent housing and living off of food stamps.

But as is normal with Liberal "concern", it's not really finding the best solution that matters, it's the appearance of doing something, something that forces others to do what the Libs think is best for them. This is just another elitist ruling over those the elite deems incapable of making decisions on their own - and performing this "charitable" work with someone else's money of course.

The question needs to be asked: Are liberals better at finding problems, or creating them?

Interesting article, I recommend it highly: Read Me