Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Libs Rejoice, Glam on the lam in Vietnam...

Gary Glitter, most known for his rock hit "Rock and Roll Part II", has been a living example of liberal virtue and a glowing example of the success of liberal justice.

He was 'kicked out' of Britain in 1999 for possession of more than 4000 (not a typo -4000!!!) images of kiddie porn, and amid some accusations of such activity. Kicked out, hmmmmmm... Doesn't that simply mean don't mess with kids in our neighborhood, go find some others elsewhere? Allow me to ask - isn't that the heart and soul of liberal justice - that the perp just needs understanding and rehab? Glitter apparently told the judge he needed another chance.

He just didn't say a chance at what. Glitter left England then traveled to Cuba then Cambodia where he was booted after an uproar by women's and children's groups and then he settled in Vietnam - where he claims he was teaching a 12 year old English. She along with a 15 year old, claim he had sex with them repeatedly. He was arrested trying to flee Vietnam.

Should the charge be true, and there is reason to believe it is (and if not, there are 1000's of child molesters roaming the streets after prior convictions looking for other victims) -- doesn't the judge who set him free, as well as the politicians that passed the sentencing law have to share the responsibility for the raping of the young girls? Didn't they in effect 'aid and abet' his activity by allowing it, by giving him other opportunities to do it again?

That is what the libs and Dims just don't understand. There are certain crimes that the perp should never get a second chance to commit again. Do something once (like murder or child molestation) and you should have forfeited the chance to ever, ever do it again. I saw one commentator state the penalty, if convicted in Vietnam, could be a firing squad.

Damnit, I hate to admit it - but we've got something to learn from Vietnam if true. Hell, I'll chip in to buy the bullet, and I know the spot on Glitter's anatomy where I hope where they aim it....