Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Great Great Raid...

In yet another example of the great disconnect between the liberal media and mainstream America, the reviews of Miramax's latest release The Great Raid have been less than stellar. Well, to hell with them. I'm telling you, go sell all you have and buy a ticket to watch it. Most of the criticism reflects around the whiney "lack of character development" which means, none of the characters are running around buck nakked yelling the f-word.

This is not a story of "characters" but of unusual courage, audacity and fidelity. It is the story of warriors, not of individual nuances or of those seeking their own glory. And that makes it absolutely glorious. This the story of honorable men, who conducted themselves in the best tradition of the United States military. And that makes it anathema to the libs.

I hope this does as "poorly" as Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ. Something about the critics dislike of the character development in that one rings a bell....

Update: A special thanks to Powerline for the kind mention. I'm feelin' all cocky now that I've made Powerline. I prolly won't blog with the same humilty and political sensitivity in the future. :-)

Sincerely a warm welcome to all the Powerline readers. Thanks for coming.