Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Brainless Blackmun...

while most observers of the Supreme Court have little doubt as to Justice Blackmun's incompetence, his own notes and papers provide stunning evidence of just how true this was. In a most interesting article, Brains Behind Blackmun, David Garrow reveals how Blackmun left most of his significant opinions to the whimsy of his clerks. Not only did he not provide them guidance as to constructing of the various opinions (including Roe v Wade, Bowers, Webster...), he was often unaware of what his opinions, over his signature, contained.

Now we know, to pass Liberal muster for a Supreme Court seat, you must not only be willfully ignorant of the law, but willfully ignorant of your own opinions. No wonder Bork didn't stand a chance.

Let's hear them talk about how they saved the Constitution again. Their rank hypocrisy just never tires.