Saturday, July 09, 2005

London only further proof of the demise of Al Quaeda.

While the world wrings it's hands and weeps (everyone except the Brits - they're going on about their business) over the London Bombings, many interesting details are being overlooked. While certainly I do not seek to diminish or play down the loss of life, I believe history will more note the relative ineffectiveness of the attack, versus the loss of life. That's right, this attack shows how weak AQ has become.

Four bombs - in one of the largest, most densely packed cities in the world. Four bombs - in a crowded mass transit system - in a major metropolitan center. Four separate bombs, and only 50 to possibly 75 dead - out of 10's of thousands using the system, out of several million living in the city. A train or ferry accident - usually kills more people. The key to this is not that AQ struck - everyone knows that a man who's willing to give his life, can't be stopped from taking others with him. It's the Secret Service's greatest fear in guarding the President. While the Secret Service goes to great lengths to prevent such attacks on the President, obviously such efforts are simply not workable or available for everyday citizens. So we'll always have, in a free and open society, this exposure to homicide bombers. The key is not that the 4 bombs went off within minutes. Setting your watch to agree with 3 other persons is not a hugely difficult technical accomplishment - unless your a muslim bomber I guess.

The key is that AQ is being reduced to using firecrackers, compared to dynamite. If this attack had been planned and executed before Iraq, before 9/11, it is likely that hundreds or thousands would have died. But AQ doesn't have the goods. They're being used up in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. It's been said that AQ has concentrated it's efforts in Iraq, fearing it's loss of a great ally and the beginnings of democracy in the bed of Islamic totalitarian dictatorships that are the Middle East. This is AQ's worst nightmare, and London is further proof that AQ's assets (men) and material (explosives) are being methodically destroyed. It can't even muster more than 10 kilos of explosive strike at the heart of one of it's greatest enemies.

Simply, we're winning the war. As AQ becomes more desperate, it reveals only their failing condition. We will still get our nose bloodied from time to time, as will the Brits, but there is no doubt, we're kicking their arse.