Saturday, July 23, 2005

The loss of the ruling elite.

Most telling of Libs perspective on the SCOTUS is Senator Schumer's comments on Judge Roberts nomination and hearings before the Senate:

. . It is vital that Judge Roberts answer a wide range of questions openly, honestly and fully in the coming months.

His views will affect a generation of Americans, and it his obligation during the nomination process to let the American people know those views.

In a editorial, the New York Sun takes Schumer to task and reminds us of Schumer's prior rebukes from Judge Roberts and fellow Senators about his inappropriate line of questioning during Judge Roberts earlier confirmation. The interesting thing is not that the libs would do something inappropriate, that's pretty much the norm. No, it's the implication by Schumer that SCOTUS judges should let the "American people know those views" -- WHICH is entirely reasonable IF you believe the Supreme Court is responsible to make new law. If you view the Supreme Court as an extension of the Congress, an arm to effect legislation that Congress itself won't pass, then it's logical to demand that any new appointees (dictators for life?) should reveal their feelings toward various positions.

Many libs have oft scoffed at Conservatives talking about court activism. There is an effort underway to redefine someone who would rule according to the original intent of the Founding Fathers as an "activist judge" for it is likely he would vote to repeal bad law (laws not voted on by the representatives of the people.) Only to libs, would that be a bad thing. This is the true test of Conservatives versus Liberals: Are we a nation of "rule by law" or are we a nation of "rule by men." We thank Senator Schumer for clearly delineating this distinction for us.