Saturday, April 22, 2006

Well, Clinton and Kerry didn't have any trouble lying...

Kerry didn't have any problems selling out his country either. So should we be surprised when their "followers" follow in their footsteps?

Guess who's responsible for the leaks of classified information from the CIA? We're talking about leaks that endangered US and coalition troops by energizing their adversaries, the leaks that caused foreign intelligence services to ask if the CIA could handle confidential information (possibly causing hesitation in sharing such - which endangers our nation and it's citizens), the leaks that made it more difficult to obtain information from known terrorists which could save lives?

Be it none other than Clinton appointee and Kerry supporter Mary McCarthy who was senior director for intelligence programs at the National Security Council, where she served under President Bill Clinton after her appointment by Sandy Berger.

Recently, McCarthy was working at the agency's inspector general's office where she obtained the information leaked to the Wapo which served to aid and abet the enemies of this country, which the Wapo didn't hesitate to publish.

Seriously, is anyone surprised when people imitate their leaders? The angst and hatred many libs have for this country and its traditions knows no bounds, gives no thought to the pain it may cause others or even the deaths it may bring to many.

And Kerry wants to run again...