Thursday, March 23, 2006

Passed this car with the bumper sticker:

Pro-war is not Pro-life....

As I passed this oblivious driver, all I could think was if destroying innocent life doesn't bother you, why is destroying an evil one a problem? Is that the most intelligent argument the left can come up with for opposing the war???

The problem with Libs is not their constant hypocrisy, we expect that from them. Some contradiction is a part of human nature, it's just that the libs have elevated it to an art form. But the critical issue is on the extreme left, they fundamentally have a problem with right and wrong. They can use the words, but they are without content, empty and void of meaning. They ultimately don't believe in a true "right" or true "wrong". There is no good nor evil allowing the libs to switch between positions without any appeal to conscience. They can subtly cheer for our nations enemies (sorry, the freedom fighters) while rejoicing in the sickness (and hoping for the death) of our nation's VP and sleep well at night. How does one communicate with such?

Increasingly, as these concepts of good and evil have less and less meaning, words in general have less and less or even no meaning, it is left to the listener to try to interpret what the speaker means, rather than incumbent upon the speaker to clearly communicate his thoughts. Simple communication, hence reason, is becoming increasingly impossible. Where or how did we learn not to communicate?

Was it at school, as the teachers dumbed down the curriculum - getting rid of all the "evil" white guy's writings? Was it our increasing wealth and leisure time - has it turned our focus more and more to a desire to be entertained, rather than being willing to strive to master difficult material? Was it TV with it's incessant efforts to visually stimulate, versus mentally stimulate? Arcade games - encouraging the attention span of a gnat? Are we on a course of entertaining ourselves to death?

It will only get worse, as this current x-box generation comes of age. Talk about an inability to develop cogent thought and argue a position thoughtfully....

People worry about global warming. They ought to be concerned about something far more insidious - our love for entertainment above all else.