Monday, May 23, 2005

The absolute best thing to ever happen to the Republicans....

is Howard Dean becoming the leader of the Democratic Party. Now, not only has their fundraising fallen to levels matched only by their principles, but they are now able to wallow in their folly in a much more entertaining way. I'm just all breathless waiting for the next Dean attempt at the Rebel Yell (Yeagh!) or his pronouncements that the tax cuts will "bankrupt" this country. If I owned one of the Major Media outlets, I'd give Dean his own show. I'm shocked Visa hasn't contacted him for a "priceless" ad.

Now however, after watching his latest performance on NBC's "Meet the Press", I noticed he's gone off into something that he knows even less about than politics - theology. He stated that he "doesn't go to church all that much," and indicated some frustration that many consider him a non-devoted Christian or non-committed Christian. Dean said: "I consider myself a deeply religious person... and some of the other Christians would dare to say that I'm not a Christian. Frankly, it's what gets my ire up... I am sick of being told what I am and what I am not by other people." Dean added: "I'm a committed Christian. I worship in my own way. ... That's my business."

This is just full of interesting. There's the obvious issue of what is a "non-devoted Christian", according to any direct reading of the Bible you either are a Christian (and committed/ devoted) or you are not. I simply can't imagine any other application of Rev 3:16 "because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth." Can we just call Dean "Luke" for short?

Secondly, Mr. Dean refers to him worshipping "in his own way." That to me is just fascinating. Where in the Bible is man ever allowed to worship in his own way or approach God in any manner he sees fit. From the giving of the instructions on the building of the Tabernacle on the Mount, to Daniel's Vision, to the apostle's instructions in the Epistles, to the descriptions of Heavenly Worship in Revelations, there is no doubt of man's ability to innovate or alter the worship of God. The repetition of God's command to Moses and the Israelis' of "do exactly as I have shown you" should be most instructive. Where oh where is an allowance for man going to God and saying - I want to do it this way and Daddy God saying "Sure, knock yourself out. It's all good"?

We do have many examples in the Scriptures of well intentioned people trying to do their own thing. The obvious example is Cain, but consider even a better example - Aaron's son's Nadab and Abihu in Lev 10. They sought to offer strange fire - that which was not commanded - to God. Keep in mind they were also Priests. They were particularly equipped to present offerings to God. What happened when they tried to offer up their own, well-intentioned, sacrifice? Simple. God then consumed them with fire and told Aaron not to mourn their death, for He (God) will be sanctified in all those who come before Him. This is the reference in Hebrews 12: 28-29 about reverencing God with Fear, for He is a consuming fire - to those who don't worship Him rightly. God simply has not changed on this point, and I really, really doubt he ever will. Even for Howard Dean.