Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Good Job Newsweek.

Led by Isikoff, Newsweek proudly demonstrated that getting a "scoop" is more important than people's lives and supporting troops who are risking theirs. After all the mission in Iraq is, in the common phraseology of the liberal elite - a "disaster." Remember, we are simply trying to establish a new democracy in a region of the world where self-determination has been noticeably absent. The MSM does not hesitate to offer up anything or anyone on the high altar of the religion of "journalism" where the value of people's lives are insignificant compared to the potential value of the propaganda.

The liberal bias only encourages a willingness to sacrifice truth in pursuit of the joy that instills a passion to blame America first. Beat the rush, join the modern liberals in hating America. Hollywood will love you tons. You'll probably win an award at Cannes. However, this time, the Mooreish perversions are directly responsible for the deaths of many individuals and of greatly increasing the risks faced by troops stationed in foreign lands. Thanks to Newsweek's strict adherence to it's publishing standards, they directly prolonged the troops mission and delayed their return home. The lib's incessantly whine "bring the troops home" while doing everything in their power to make the troop's task more difficult. Nothing less than another Vietnam style withdrawal, complete with mother's passing their children to American soldiers to keep them away from certain torture and suffering, will please them or quell their dissent. After all, America is bound to fail. What else could happen with a Republican in the White House? Establishing a freely chosen government in the Middle East is a "disaster" of epic proportions and President Bush is simply another Hitler or Sith Lord ($1 to Lucas) for doing so.

Lib's just couldn't stand the fact that democracy is breaking out all over the Arab world, that even Al-Jazzera was no longer talking about an American occupation and 'abuses', but the opportunity for Arab self-determination thru popularly elected officials. Newsweek appeared desperate to give them reason to change their focus, so they would again hate America, as we so justly deserve. More people died as a result of this article, than have in the Abu Ghab prison humiliations. Much of the liberal media called for swift justice for the evildoers then. Now, when people are actually hurt and die, Newsweek and other liberals want the readers to recognize an honest mistake when they see it. No wonder the left is becoming as irrelevant as the French.

Many on the right have long questioned the far left's allegiance to this country and it's principles, feeling that the Deanocrats would willingly sacrifice either - with a zeal - to dishonor those that would defend it from those wishing to destroy it.

Newsweek, you simply went to great lengths to prove them right. I congratulate you, great job.